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About Us

Ikigai is a special purpose acquisition company whose shares are listed on the Main Market of the London Stock Exchange. Its aim is to acquire high growth, scalable businesses operating in the ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) sectors with a strong positive social impact at their core. Ikigai’s London listing, together with its management team’s deep connections in Asia and Europe, is designed to prove attractive to growth companies seeking the benefits of a publicly listed profile, access to global capital as well as expansion beyond their domestic markets, either organically or through further acquisitions. Acquisitions will be funded through a combination of cash, equity and debt, as required.

Whilst there is no restriction as to the geographical location of any target business, it is likely that the first acquisition(s) will take place in the Asia-Pacific region, due to the location, network and experience of Ikigai’s management and key advisors. This may comprise the acquisition of a single company or business or a series of acquisitions by way of a “roll-up” strategy, whereby Ikigai acquires and merges several businesses in a particular sector. The benefits of a roll-up strategy include greater access to capital, overhead cost reduction, economies of scale, leveraging a more diverse client base and speed of entry to new markets.

In particular, any target acquisition is likely to have the following key characteristics:

  • a strong positive social impact and/or ESG strategy
  • an experienced management team with a proven track record;
  • growth potential beyond its home market, ideally with the potential to expand globally;
  • a solid reputation with customers and/or clients; and
  • shareholders who are willing to accept shares or other securities as a significant part of the acquisition consideration.


Ikigai was incorporated in Guernsey on 28 May 2021 with the name Ikigai Ventures Limited. On 15th September 2022, Ikigai’s shares were admitted to the Standard Listing segment on the Main Market of the London Stock Exchange under the ticker “IKIV” and ISIN GG00BPG8J619. Ikigai was set up to undertake the acquisition of one or more companies or businesses that have a strong ESG strategy and/or positive social impact as part of their core business.