Why Ikigai

Pronounced “ee-key-guy”, Ikigai translates as having a purpose in life. Ikigai is a combination of two Japanese words. “Iki” (life) and “gai”, which comes from the word “kai” (shell), something deeply valuable.

Why Ikigai

Ikigai will undertake acquisitions of target companies or businesses which have either sustainability, a strong positive social impact and/or ESG strategy as part of their core business.

We believe this age-old ideology has a growing significance in the 21st century corporate world and how it influences mainstream investment decisions.

Ikigai Ventures aims to help strong ESG-related businesses grow to the next level. By acquiring purpose-driven companies, we can add value and expand their growth potential, beyond their local markets. Prospective businesses will have a scalable business model and growth plan that can improve people’s lives through effecting positive change in businesses, society and the world we live in.

With its listing on the London Stock Exchange, Ikigai can help provide access to global capital and markets, helping accelerate growth for businesses without sacrificing the ESG principles on which they are built.

Ikigai’s management and advisors have deep experience and contacts in the markets where many of the most interesting developments in the ESG sector are taking place. Our team combines entrepreneurial, operational and deal-making experience, as well as long-term managerial, risk and governance expertise, and can provide strategic guidance for companies going through a period of rapid growth and change.

$7.5 trillion

PWC prediction of the amount invested into sustainable products by 2025.

Source: WorldFinance.com